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RV Red Deer, also known as Paradise RV Red Deer has three locations to serve you. We offer expertise in sales and parts and servicing of RVs.

Paradise RV Red Deer: Some of the Vehicles We Sell

Paradise RV Red Deer sells new and gently used RVs. Some of the models we offer are:

Paradise RV Red Deer Sells Renegade Motor Homes and Trailers: Some of the features you can have on these gorgeous motorcoaches are cherry-stained cabinetry, refrigerators with ice makers, stainless steel sinks, and back-up monitor and cameras and more.

Paradise RV Red Deer Sells Gulfstream Coaches: Gulfstream is synonymous with luxury. However, they have luxury RVs at every price level. Some of the luxury features you’ll find in Gulfstream’s vehicles are ergonomic kitchens, oversized skinks and pioneering floor plans, just to name a few. When you choose a Gulfstream RV from a Paradise RV Red Deer dealer, you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Paradise RV Red Deer Sells Pioneer and Wilderness Trailers: Some of the interior features you’ll find in Pioneer Wilderness trailers are cable TV hookup; AM/FM Stereo and CD Player with two ceiling mounted speakers; a direct spark ignition furnace with a thermostat; and an air conditioner.

Some of the exterior features of these trailers are a front gravel guard, stabilizer jacks, exterior showers, electric patio awning and a roof ladder.

Paradise RV Red Deer Sells Heartland RVs: Heartland RVs are some of the most sought-after RVs on the road. They offer top-of-the-line vehicles with innovative designs. As an example, Heartland recently received the patent on its turning radius system. After a long, arduous three-year process, the official patent was presented. Why is this technology important? It allows for an 88 degree turn, which means greater control and safer driving for everyone on the road.

Most of Heartland’s models are made with aluminum and fiberglass. This construction is extremely energy efficient. For sleeping comfort, the inflatable air mattresses are included with most models. They inflate at the push of a button, and are easy to store when not in use (in the pullout drawer beneath the sofa).

Paradise RV Red Deer Sells Silver Crown RVs: One of the most popular motor homes in the Silver Crown line is the S-45. Some of the features of this sturdy RV are screwless, stainless steel compartment doors; a back-up camera that helps prevent accidents; a 30,000-pound hitch; a Kingdome tracking satellite; and more. The interior features include your choice of flooring (tile, linoleum, hard wood or carpet); choice of wood in cabinetry (maple, cherry, chestnut and more); and styles of upholstery.

Paradise RV Red Deer Sells Fleetwood RVs: Featuring elegant interiors, these RVs will make you want to leave home for good. Some of the high-end features you will find in Fleetwood RVs are stainless steel kitchen sinks; spacious 4-door refrigerators; stunning cherry wood cabinetry; solid-surface countertops; built-in flat panel TVs; stackable washer/dryer closets and more.

Ideas for Preparing for a Family Camping Trip in Your Red Deer RV

For families that have never traveled together in an RV before, planning and preparing for a Red Deer RV camping trip can be a challenge. You may not know exactly which items to pack and realize on the road that you forgot some essential items. Use the following ideas for assistance in packing for your trip and planning activities that will help you pass the time, particularly if you are traveling with small children. Read More »

What to Bring

Many people don't want to bother doing dishes during their Red Deer RV camping trips, and thus bring along plastic utensils, paper cups, and paper plates. However, with the growing concern about being green and protecting the environment, a number of Red Deer RV users are starting to bring real dishes along with them. Try to stick with a minimum number of dishes to save space. You can wash dishes as you use them so they don't pile up and you don't run out of dishes to use. Also be sure to bring cooking utensils such as pots, pans, and spatulas.

Some food items that you might want to stock your Red Deer RV with include condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard, and non-perishable food items like coffee, rice, pasta, and oatmeal. If you're planning on taking a long trip, make sure you have a few sets of towels and linens on hand in case you don't have many opportunities to do laundry.

Other necessities that your Red Deer RV needs to be stocked with include a first-aid kit that contains sunscreen, band-aids, cotton balls, insect repellent, and other basic medical supplies. You should also have cleaning products and supplies on hand in order to keep your RV tidy throughout the trip. Make sure to take along items such as sponges, scrub brushes, a broom, a dustpan, detergents, and soaps. You may also want to hide a stash or extra cash somewhere in case of emergency.

What to Pack for Children

If you are taking a Red Deer RV camping trip with children, they are bound to get bored after a while. To keep your kids entertained and to ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible, make sure to pack board games. Many board game manufacturers make small, travel-size versions of popular board games. The pieces of these board games lock onto the board so they don't move around when the road gets rough.

Other useful items you can pack for your children include coloring books, activity books, journals, and novels. If you encourage your children to read, color, and do creative activities, they won't spend the entire trip just watching TV. Also make sure to pack your kids' favorite, healthy snacks so they have something to munch on while they play.

It's essential to plan and prepare well in advance if you want to have a fun-filled Red Deer RV camping trip that you and your family will cherish for years to come. Consider using an RV packing checklist to help

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