RV Motor Home

It is a little known fact among people who are not in the RV industry that there are different classes of motor homes. The class of RV is dependent on your travel needs like whether you have a family or, frequency of travel and your destination. Here is a breakdown of the different types of RVs to help you determine which class of motor home is right for you:

Class A RV Motor Home: These recreational vehicles are shaped like buses and commonly feature a diesel engine in the rear, although some have front mounted gas engines. The length of these vehicles varies from 22 ft. to more than 40 ft. A large-sized RV, this motor home usually features a large bedroom space, living room area, kitchen and bathroom. In Class A RV motor homes, the driver and passenger seats can be swiveled around to face the living or dining room area. This vehicle is the most spacious of all of the RV motor home categories.

Class B RV Motor Home: These RVs are generally about the size of a large van. The roof is raised so that you can stand straight up inside of the vehicle. However, the benefit of this class of RV is that it is small enough to be driven around to various destinations similar to a passenger vehicle. While there is not as much space as there is in a Class A RV motor home, the Class B vehicles feature a small refrigerator, sleeper couch and small toilet. These RVs are perfect for couples and are great for quick weekend trips.

Class C RV Motor Home: This popular style of motor home is built in a cutaway style. The nose of the vehicle looks like van, with more room at the rear of the vehicle. Many families prefer this type of motor home because it is roomy, yet it feels as though you are maneuvering a smaller vehicle. There is usually a bed located above the cab area as well as a small kitchen and couch towards the rear of the RV motor home. Depending on the length of the vehicle, there may be a queen bed located towards the rear of the RV. Lengths of the Class C vehicles vary from 20 to 40 ft.

RV Motor Home Dealer

The best way to determine which model will suits your needs, talk with your RV motor home sales representative at Paradise RV. They can outline the benefits and amenities of each model. Additionally, you can view all three to determine what kind of space will work best for you. Take into consideration the size of your family, the frequency in which you plan to use the motor home as well as what kind of amenities you are looking for. For example, if space is a factor, you may want to consider purchasing a Class A RV motor home. If you feel uncomfortable driving a vehicle the size of a bus, you may feel more comfortable with Class C RV motor home. Keep all of these factors in mind before you make your final motor home purchase.

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