Recreational Vehicle Sales

If you’re looking to speak with an expert in recreational vehicle sales you’ll find one in Paradise! With 3 Alberta locations to serve you, Paradise RV sales consultants are well informed on product knowledge and will best assist you in making an RV purchase.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for your next recreational vehicle sale:

RV Sales: #1 Determine early on what your specific needs are – not just immediate needs, but in the future as well. Proper recreational vehicles sales are made when a client’s needs are matched with an ideal product floor plan that serves their needs such as roominess, amenities, desired price or payment range and warranty. A good recreational vehicle sales person will ask questions of you to determine which type of recreational vehicle may best suit you.

RV Sales: #2 Vehicle Towing ratings – Before spending a lot of time looking into recreational vehicle sales, it is desirable that you know what weight you are able to tow with your current vehicle. A Paradise RV recreational vehicle sales person can help you with this using a vehicle tow ratings guide. By researching your particular vehicle by year, make and model, your recreational vehicle sales man can properly size your RV purchase to your vehicle. It is important to note that smaller vehicles, like mini vans or SUVs can’t tow as much weight as a regular pick up truck, so you may need the help of an informed recreational vehicle sales professionals to match your vehicle up properly.

RV Sales: #3 RV Financing – Recreational vehicle sales for new or lightly used RVs may also qualify for bank financing. Depending on the dollar amount being financed, payments on your recreational vehicle may be amortized for as long as 240 months, making the monthly payment very affordable. One other thing about recreational vehicle sales financing is that most of the plans allow the RV buyer a lot of flexibility, like making early pay-outs, double payments or using your down payment to lower your monthly RV investment.

RV Sales: #4 Extended Warranty – Many recreational vehicle sales offer you an optional extended warranty. Consider this value–added option as part of the recreational vehicle sale. Most RV extended warranties are very comprehensive and may be purchased to extend another 7 years beyond the manufacturer’s warranty! Typically the price of the warranty amounts to a few dollars per month, but the piece of mind you’ll have while your family is enjoying the use of your RV in the years beyond the initial recreational vehicle sale is well worth it.

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