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Traveling with the family can go one of two ways: it can be either a nightmare or the greatest experience of your life. Planning is key to ensuring that your next family vacation is a great one and the method of travel has a lot to do with your experience. For example, traveling with the family in a Flagstaff or Shamrock travel trailer, bunk model, fifth wheel, pop-up, or hybrid trailer by Forest River RV is infinitely more fun than simply purchasing an airline ticket to travel on a plane, where you probably won’t share the first bit of conversation and definitely won’t be able to take in the sites. However, even traveling in a Forest River RV takes some planning to ensure that everyone involved has a good time.

If you are planning a family vacation in your Forest River RV, start by deciding where to go. This is the benefit of RV travel, as the possibilities are limitless. You can choose to take a trip cross-country or travel somewhere close to home. Whatever destination you have in mind, ask everyone for ideas and make it a family decision. Allow everyone to take a vote on where to go in the Forest River RV and ask for ideas on sights to see along the way.

Once you’ve decided where to go in your 5th wheel, bumper pull trailer, bunkhouse, tent trailer or expandable Forest River RV, then plot your course. Contrary to the usual concept of travel (which is get where you are going in the quickest way possible), plan to take the scenic route. This is one of the top reasons for traveling in a Forest River RV as you have the option to see the country in a way that many people rarely do. Try to ensure that you pass as much beautiful scenery as possible and be sure to stop at times to take it all in. You also want to ensure that there are plenty of RV parks along the way to give you and your family an opportunity to stop, get some fresh air and perhaps even camp out for a night or two.

You may also want to consider towing your personal vehicle behind your motorized Georgetown Forest River RV. Chances are, when you reach one of your destinations, you and your family will want to check out the region and everything it has to offer. It can be difficult to do so in your Forest River RV. If you tow your personal vehicle behind the RV, you have the option of parking in an RV park and taking off on some day trips around the region. This is an interesting way to explore different regions of the country while having the option of traveling the longer distance in your Forest River RV and taking shorter day trips in your car.

When you work with Paradise RV on the purchase of your Forest River RV, talk with your representative about travel ideas. Your Paradise RV specialist might be able to give you a few pointers on the best options for family travel in your newest and most comfortable mode of transportation.

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