Edmonton RV: What to Look for in an RV

Have you seen an RV in Edmonton lately? When most people think of an RV, they think of grandma and grandpa riding across country in the biggest, ugliest vehicle you ever have imagined. However, RVs are not like that any more. They are state-of-the art recreational vehicles, desired by young families and retirees alike!

What is an RV? RV stands for recreational vehicle, which includes new and used motor homes, travel trailers, 5th wheels, pop-ups and hybrid trailers. This translates into tons of fun. If you’re looking into buying an Edmonton RV from Paradise RV, following are some things to keep in mind.

Edmonton RV: Cost. New and Used RVs are really homes on wheels. And, the more amenities you add, the greater the costs. You can get stripped down versions without all the bells and whistles though that will give you and your family just as much pleasure as a fully loaded RV, depending on your needs.

Edmonton RV: Use. One of the biggest determinants of price when buying an Edmonton RV is use. As in, how do you and your family plan to use the RV. Is it to be for short trips during warm summer months? Or, do you plan to sell everything and make it your permanent home as you traverse the country? Your RV sales expert at Paradise RV can help you choose which RV is best for you.

While these are opposite-ends-of-the-spectrum examples, they illustrate how important defining usage is.

Edmonton RV: Design. This piggybacks off the previous point. There are Edmonton RVs with slide outs that expand to double their size. Design features like this are important if you will be spending a lot of time in it and/or if you have a large family. You want to be comfortable in both of these situations. Some of the design features you’ll find in Edmonton RVs include multiple bedrooms, stackable washer and dryer; full bathroom (toilet, sink and shower); and main living areas. Paradise RV offers a great selection of new and used RVs for sale!

Edmonton RV: Amenities. Upon viewing an RV for the first time, many are shocked at the proliferation of amenities. From stainless steel sinks to fully equipped kitchens, RVs are truly mini-homes on wheels. Be sure to carefully consider which design features are wants and which are absolute necessities. Ask a professional at Paradise RV for help in choosing your perfect new or used RV!

Some of the unexpected amenities you’ll find in RVs include window and main entrance awnings; automatic entrance steps; leveling jacks (electric); and a sliding sliding dining rooms.

Edmonton RV: Maintenance. Just like a car, or perhaps a combination of a car and a house, your Edmonton RV from Paradise RV must be properly maintained to stay in good working order. Regular maintenance is important to keep it up and running smoothly, especially if it is constantly on the go.

Consult your Paradise RV Edmonton RV dealer for questions on how to properly service and maintain your RV. There should also be a vehicle maintenance book that comes with the purchase to keep you on track with servicing this joyful ride.

Likely Edmonton RV Candidates

Anyone who likes to have fun traveling should buy a new or used RV at Paradise RV. They make an excellent travel alternative for families with small ones; retired persons who have the time to explore, and sheer adventure seekers who want to do something different.

Edmonton RV Travel Tips

Taking a trip in an Edmonton RV is a great way to spend an affordable, exciting time with your family while sightseeing and enjoying the wild. There are Edmonton RV sites in breathtaking locations, enabling RV travelers to enjoy the wonders of nature without straying far from the comforts of home. Traveling in an RV is easy to learn, but it is a lot different from traveling by car so certain precautions must be made. Here are some travel tips that will help to ensure that your RV vacation is as hassle-free as it is enjoyable. Read More »

Have a Solid Travel Plan

Although it might seem exciting to take off in your Edmonton RV without knowing exactly where you're headed, if you want to avoid missing important sights, you ought to plan ahead. Planning out your route will ensure that you have time to see all of the sights you're interested in seeing, in addition to stopping at random attractions that grab your attention along the highway. Look at travel guides at your local bookstore and the internet to decide on the main attractions you would like to visit. Take a good roadmap along with you on the trip and a GPS system if possible.

Make Sure Everyone Wears a Seatbelt While the RV is in Motion

Make sure that all of the passengers in the Edmonton RV wear seatbelts while it is in motion to avoid injury. Although it might be tempting for everyone, especially the kids, to take off their seatbelts and enjoy all of the space that the RV offers, it can be very dangerous and lead to serious injury if the RV comes to a sudden stop.

Pack Items Neatly and Keep Everything Organized

There probably won't be too much extra space in your Edmonton RV, so pack all of your items neatly and organize them well to keep things comfortable. Collapsible hampers, small mesh storage bags, and plastic containers with lids can all come in handy when you're packing for an Edmonton RV trip.

Create a Checklist

An RV packing checklist can help you ensure that you don't forget any essential items. If it's your first time going on an RV trip, refer to a ready-made RV packing checklist online. After your trip, make a list of everything you packed and wish you had packed. You can refer to this master list the next time you go on an RV trip to make packing a breeze.

Put Together a First-Aid Kit

Put together a first-aid kit that includes all basic medical supplies, such as scissors, aspirin, bandages, and insect repellent. Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made first-aid kit for travel.

Plan Meals

To ensure that you have enough food to get you through your trip but not so much that your cupboards are crowded and overstocked, create a meal plan. Too many Edmonton RV travelers overstock their RVs and buy excessive amounts of food. To keep things simple and organized, approximate what you think you'll need and buy that before your departure. If it ends up not being sufficient, you can always buy more along the way.

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