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Many Calgary RV owners use campgrounds. Different types of RVs require different amenities at campgrounds. Following some quick tips on what to look for on RVing and RV campgrounds.

Calgary RV: How to Find a Campground. The internet is a wealth of information for RV campground seekers. You will find websites, forums, tips, and feedback from experienced RVers. You can even create a spreadsheet that will make it easy for you to track the amenities so you can find the perfect RV campground for you and your family.

Calgary RV: Staying Wired on the Road. Many RVers like to stay wired on the road. Wired as in Internet access. Some RV campgrounds have free WiFi access. Currently, all you need is a PC card that plugs right into your laptop. A PC card works on MACs and PCs. Now, all you have to do is find a hotspot. A hotspot is simply a location that provides internet access via WiFi, which is wireless technology.

Calgary RV: Taking Your Pet on the Road. There are tons of things to think about when taking a pet RVing, much like a child. You want to make sure their shots are up to date, that they have identifiable tags, that you bring along doggie beds and proper leashes, among a host of other things.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember though if you take your pet on your Calgary RVing trip is to include them in most of your activities. If you don’t that means they’ll have to be left behind. And, that’s no fun for them. One thing to keep in mind about RV campgrounds: they sometimes have wild/stray animals that can harm your pet. So, be sure to keep it close to keep it safe.

Calgary RV: Brake Laws. Many don’t know this but municipalities have what’s called supplemental breaking system laws. What this means is, the trailer itself must have a braking system. To ensure that you’re in compliance with laws everywhere, you need to make sure your trailer braking system is well maintained.

Calgary RV: “Going Green.” Many RV campgrounds are littered with trash. One way to do your part for the environment is to take along grocery bags and collect bottles to recycle. You can often pick up enough money to pay for an economical lunch, and you will make RV campgrounds the natural beauties they were meant to be. Children in particular love this activity – especially if they get to keep the proceeds!

Calgary RV: Rest and Restore. Many new to RVing spend a lot more time on the road than is necessary. Spending a day or two or three in a particular spot will enrich the overall experience for everyone. That way, you can truly say, “Yes, I’ve visited there;” as opposed to just passing through.

Calgary RV: Isolation is Good. Just like some neighborhoods, some RV camps can be noisy and rowdy. Staying in more isolated spots some times could be just what you need to fully enjoy the RV camping experience.

Tips for Buying a Used Calgary RV

One of the most difficult decisions to make when buying a Calgary RV is the choice of whether to buy a new or used vehicle. Although a new Calgary RV may be an alluring choice, there are several reasons why you may want to consider buying a used RV instead, particularly if you are a first-time buyer. Read More »

A big reason why you should consider purchasing a used Calgary RV instead of a brand new one is depreciation. The value of a used RV can depreciate by as much as a third over the first three years. As such, it's possible to buy a used Calgary RV in excellent condition for the same price as a smaller, brand new one with fewer features.

You can find many used Calgary RVs in great condition because people tend to buy them with the intention of using them full-time, only to realize that they don't enjoy RV travel as much as they had anticipated or that they simply don't have time for it. As a result, there are many barely used Calgary RVs on the market that you can get for a very good price.

Another good reason to buy a used Calgary RV if you're a new RV user is the fact that you're likely to end up trading in it after a couple of years. Few veteran RV owners are riding the very first RVs that they bought. You have to own and drive an RV extensively before you understand exactly what features you like and don't like. If you buy a used Calgary RV, you can eventually trade it in for something different. On the other hand, if you purchase a brand new Calgary RV, you have to make a significant investment and will be stuck with your choice for a lot longer.

One of the major factors that people consider when making the decision between a used or new Calgary RV is price. Many people prefer used Calgary RVs simply because they are less expensive. However, don't select a used Calgary RV only because of its attractive price tag. You have to make sure that the used Calgary RV you buy is well-maintained if you want it to last you for years to come. Meet with the seller personally to find out exactly why he is selling the RV, get copies of service and maintenance records, and determine whether or not it has been in any accidents.

Once you've narrowed down your options, inspect the used RVs you are interested in very carefully in person. Try out the bed and bathroom to make sure they are comfortable and sufficiently large. Check to see if the shower and kitchen are suitable for your needs. Look out for common problems, such as water leaks. If possible, spend a night in the Calgary RV to get a better feel for it. It's not unusual for potential RV buyers to spend a night in an RV before they buy so don't hesitate to ask the owner if you can do this.

Last but not least, don't purchase a used Calgary RV unless you know it has been inspected by a qualified RV service dealer. RV service dealers conduct a full mechanical inspection, check that appliances are functioning, test water lines, and more to ensure that the RV is in tip top condition.

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