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Recreational vehicles, or RVs as they are most commonly called, are rolling tons of road luxury. And, you can make them as posh as you please. Following is an Alberta RV Amenity Checklist. It’s shopping for the adventure-minded.

Exterior Amenities You Might Consider Adding to Your Alberta RV

Did you know you can have:

Awnings for Your Alberta RV? You can have awnings on several places on an RV; over the door entrance and over windows, for example. And, they can be electrically or manually operated. Should you get an awning? Which one should you choose if you do?

That depends on how you plan to use your Alberta RV. Will you be going on long road trips and staying at RV campgrounds? Or, will you be staying in hotels? If you plan to do a lot of outdoor camping in your RV, then you might want to consider getting awnings so you can ensure shade and some respite from other weather conditions.

A Sliding Porch for Your Alberta RV? An RV porch is truly a luxury. They even come with lighting, so you don’t have to be sitting in the dark, unless you just want to. Whether or not you decide to get a porch again depends on how you plan to use your RV.

Solar Panels for Your Alberta RV? Solar panels help to convert sunlight to usable energy. This means you can recharge your RV battery without plugging in your RV.

Interior Amenities You Might Consider Adding to Your Alberta RV

This is where you can really make a luxury statement with your Alberta RV. Many potential buyers look at RVs entirely different when they see the extravagance inside.

Floor Plan of Your Alberta RV: The “floor plan” of the RV will largely dictate how you use it. So think carefully about how many bedrooms you need, how much living space you need, how much cooking you plan to do, etc.

Your Alberta RV Bathroom: Just like in a house, having more bathroom space is never regretted or underused. So, don’t skimp here. Get the full, enclosed bathroom that includes the toilet, shower and sink, even if it has to be basic. You can always upgrade later, but at least you’ll have it initially.

Get a Washer/Dryer for Your Alberta RV: Just like a bathroom, a washer/dryer is an amenity you won’t regret. These trusty little machines are taken for granted, especially if you are accustomed to having one at home. If you find yourself on the road without one, it will never be so missed.

As you have fewer clothes on the road than at home, you will probably be washing more, not less. And, if you travel with children, especially small ones, then you need a washer and dryer. Hence, these appliances should probably go under the “must-have” column.

These are just a few of the amenities you’ll find in an RV at your local Alberta RV dealer.

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